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Seattle Testosterone Heart Attack Lawsuits

Seattle Testim Lawsuits Filed for Stroke and Heart Attack - Attorneys Handling Seattle Testosterone Lawsuits Provide Free, No-Obligation Testim Claim Review for Residents of Seattle

Seattle Testim Lawyer

Recent studies indicate that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) increases men’s chance of heart attack and stroke significantly, raising the risk of serious cardiac indicidents by two to three times. Officially approved by the FDA only to treat hypogonadism (marked by a significant deficiency in natural testosterone levels), testosterone drugs such as Testim are prescribed to remedy a range of complaints related to andropause including low libido, lack of energy, and weight gain. Endocrinologists and researchers highlight the lack of evidence supporting the benefits of testosterone therapy, and suggest that heart attack and stroke risks outweigh the drug’s potential benefits.

More men than ever before are taking testosterone drugs like Testim in Seattle and throughout the nation; prescriptions for testosterone have tripled in the U.S. since 2001. A minority of Testim users are thought to have genuine hypogonadism, but drug companies have introduced the catchall phrase “Low T” to refer to the natural decline of testosterone that occurs in aging men. Aggressive disease awareness campaigns that feature retired male athletes encourage men to self-diagnose. Marketing websites launched by Auxilium for Testim and by other companies imply the drug can be used to improve mood, increase libido, and boost energy, among other complaints, and scarcely mention the danger of heart attack and stroke, critics say. Scientists and doctors have suggested that marketing for drugs such as Testim has outpaced research on the threats posed by testosterone replacement. The cardiovascular risks of testosterone products are now under FDA scrutiny, and Consumer Reports has issued a product warning for drugs such as Testim due to the heart attack and stroke risks associated with testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone replacement drugs such as Testim, AndroGel, and Axiron, among others, are used by millions of men throughout the world and have yielded billions in profits to drug companies. Three million prescriptions were written for AndroGel alone during 2012. Total sales of testosterone boosting drugs exceeded $2 billion in 2012, and are projected to reach $5 billion by 2017.

If you or a loved one experienced a stroke or heart attack in Seattle while taking Testim or another testosterone replacement therapy, Seattle testosterone lawyers believe you may have grounds to file a Seattle testosterone lawsuit for damages, harm, or loss suffered as a result of a heart attack or stroke. The producers of Testim and other similar products are aware of the dangers of heart attack and stroke from these drugs, yet will not issue comprehensive warnings until forced to do so. Each Seattle Testim heart attack lawsuit and Seattle Testim stroke lawsuit that is filed allows Seattle consumers to hold companies such as Auxilium accountable for the safety of Testim. The Seattle Testim Testosterone Lawsuit Center provides information to Seattle men and their families on heart attack and stroke risks associated with taking testosterone, including information on testosterone FDA warnings, how to choose a Testim heart attack or stroke lawyer in Seattle, and how to file a Seattle testosterone stroke or heart attack lawsuit.

Testim Heart Attack Risk Information for Seattle

Testosterone Heart AttackMen who take supplemental testosterone are at a two- to three-times higher risk for cardiovascular problems like heart attack and stroke as men who do not. The connection between products like Testim and heart attack is the subject of a current FDA investigation, and many medical experts assert that the proven benefits of testosterone may be outweighed by the heart attack risk. This page provides information on Testim heart attack research outcomes, outlines testosterone heart attack warnings from federal regulators, and explains the science behind the testosterone heart attack connection.

Seattle Testosterone Stroke Information for Residents of Seattle

Testim Stroke Risk

Research findings indicate that the risk of having a stroke while taking Testim is significant and should not be overlooked. The FDA recently announced that it had undertaken an investigation into the testosterone stroke risk and Consumer Reports warns men that cardiovascular dangers of Testim may cancel out the potential benefits of the drug. Some doctors and public health advocates call into question the aggressive advertising campaigns for testosterone, saying they encourage healthy men to expose themselves needlessly to cardiovascular risks. This section provides information for residents of Seattle about the studies conducted on Testim stroke, testosterone stroke warnings, and the physiology behind the Testim stroke risk.

Seattle Testosterone Heart Attack Attorney

Seattle Testim Lawsuits

If you or a male family member had a stroke or heart attack while taking testosterone in Seattle, you may qualify to file a Seattle Testim stroke lawsuit or testosterone heart attack lawsuit in Seattle. The first testosterone stroke and heart attack lawsuits were filed in early 2014 for Testim. The plaintiffs in these testosterone lawsuits have alleged that testosterone marketing glossed over the risks of heart attack and stroke, failing to warn men of the dangers associated with Testim. Males who experienced a stroke or heart attack while taking testosterone may be eligible to file a Seattle testosterone lawsuit. This section provides more information on why individuals choose to file a testosterone heart attack or stroke lawsuit in Seattle.

Seattle Testosterone Stroke Lawsuit FAQ

Seattle Testim Lawsuit FAQs

The Seattle Testosterone Lawsuit FAQs page provides answers to the questions most commonly posed to our attorneys handling Testim heart attack and stroke lawsuits in Seattle. This page outlines the risk factors for testosterone stroke and Testim heart attack, and offers tips for selecting a Seattle Testim stroke lawyer and filing a testosterone heart attack lawsuit in Seattle. Filing a Seattle Testim lawsuit is a powerful means for individuals to call for pharmaceutical safety accountability, and provides meaningful compensation for men and the families of men who have been harmed by testosterone products.

Seattle Testim Heart Attack Attorney

Seattle Testim Lawyers

This Seattle Testosterone Lawyer page offers information on the legal services provided by our Seattle Testim lawyer team. Representing clients on a contingency basis, our Seattle testosterone stroke and heart attack lawyer services cost nothing unless we collect for you. Seattle Testosterone attorneys for heart attack and stroke are offering free case reviews for individuals and families in Seattle who have been harmed by Testim and may be eligible to file a Seattle testosterone claim.